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The ster to my hip

There are several reasons I have avoided getting into this whole tumblr thing, but most importantly…

I do not want to encourage people to think I am a hipster. This whole fad has been very detrimental to the image I am going for. I suppose I dress like a hipster, but I do not believe that my attire should be a reason for people to come up to me, clearly mistaking me for one of their own, and discussing how cool some weird unknown band is.

Please note: all you are doing is giving me reason to argue with you over the concept of bands with an independent record label being a genre.

Anyway, all that being said, I firmly believe that my roommate and I are such a great duo because she is the -ster to my hip-. She has the music choice and the personality, and I essentially just offer my clothing selection, but both of of us being against an entire hipster, we are able to ignore the other’s hipster attributes and just concentrate on things we do have in common. 

Well, as my roommate has the aforementioned hipster personality, she was naturally drawn to tumblr. Now she is pretty much always on the site, which has resulted in a 100% decrease in the audience of all my ramblings. You may think, hey! Don’t be so negative, you always have yourself! But since I am a worse listener than a deaf kitten and even as I am telling stories my mind is generally pondering what hilarity I am probably missing on 30 Rock, I say I am not being negative, you are in fact being rude for assuming I am the sort of person to be ‘had’, even if it is by myself.

Finally, most likely tiring of the incessant background chatter coming from three feet away, my roommate recommended that I also get a tumblr. In fear of being even more relatable to hipsters and, to a lesser extent, in fear of developing a feeling of importance which is immediately crushed upon discovering that my three followers are actually my roommate under different aliases in an attempt to keep me expressing myself in a more quiet manner, I initially decided against getting a tumblr. After some deeper thinking on the unlikelihood of me getting three followers, and my roommate assuring me that I can still pretend to not have a tumblr when hipsters approach me in public, I have decided to give this blogging thing a shot.

Now the question becomes…

What do I have to say